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1MARC MORIAL, NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUEThe times call for a refocusing of our efforts and continuing commitment toward the mission and legacy  of community activists, civil and human rights leaders and our own intent to change the story told by the recent Urban League report on The State of Black America.


2Building on a commitment to serve the needs of the community we represent, we are eager and enthusiastic about remaining relevant in our use of both technological and sociological advances, for our time and the future.  Highlighted by our emerging and growing presence within the social networks and our broadening appeal to businesses and leaders through our modern use of mobile connectivity and communication.


3Responding to one of the most relevant issues of our time, we’ve launched our ground-breaking U-Post/U-Match Career Search Project over on our IAMEmpowered site.

New Tools Over at Our Career Marketplace!

Custom Designed with features that make it both simple and effective to launch or pursue career aspirations.  We know the things that are important to both employers and job-seekers, because we asked.  Combined with our many years of intimate engagement in minority communities

Is This Your Time?

Employers:  Diversify Your Workforce.

What can you gain over at our NEW Career Marketplace?

  • Minority talent
  • Degreed professionals
  • Experienced administrative and operations staff
  • Entry-level career seekers

Participating is easy! It’s absolutely FREE to job-seekers.

Job Seekers:  Connect with employers where they’re looking…

Who should use it?

  • Degreed professionals and recent or “soon-to-be” college graduates
  • Experienced individuals with high school diplomas or GEDs
  • Paraprofessionals (i.e. individuals who work in operations or administrative support)

Sign in and power up today.

Success Demands a Certain Fierceness of Determination

When you feel the  purposeful focus demonstrated in the eyes of the tiger,  we’re here to provide tools and avenues to assist you in readily achieving your next-level celebrations of personal and professional development.

Latest Tweets

  • The KC Urban League Slide is so smooth. Learn it-YouTube. Come to the Flash Mob on Sept. 14th - 6:30 pm - Urban League, 1710 Paseo, KCMO.
  • Reason65: We've got swag! Check out the KC Urban League Slide on YouTube-choreographed by KC Friends of Alvin Ailey.
  • Reason66:Bishop Tindall got his 1st job through ULKC. Fast-forward-His granddaughter got a full-ride scholarship through ULKC
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